Connecting to ServerDB

ServerDB is all about GET requests when it comes to receiving. You can always try out the given examples using a browser.

GET Parameters

There are three parameters you must specify along with your GET request. These are:

client_id is your bot's client ID. We require it to verify the requests are coming from a bot that is in the target server and moreover we store this data as a part of usage statistics.

guild_id is the ID of the target server you want to receive the data from. There is no API rate limit per server and you can request as much as you need.

key is the variable name you want in return. Opposing value for specified key will be returned as a JSON object if it exists.

Optional GET Parameters

convert converts the response data to the specified value if applicable. Available parameters are: 'str', 'int'

API Endpoint

Every request that aims to receive server data should be made to this specific endpoint:

In Return

Here's an example JSON object you will receive for the following parameters.

{client_id: 810163593801891860, guild_id: 733405419061379143, response: "Hello world!"}